LASIK Consultation: The First Step


The LASIK Consultation at Buckley Chang Eye Institute is your first step toward better vision. In less than two hours, you can find out if LASIK can correct your nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. We have Refractive Counselors on hand to discuss all of the “ins and outs” of LASIK, including our technologies and financing options.

One of our six physicians will perform a full eye exam to uncover your physical and vision medical history. The steps include:

  1. Corneal topography: Three evaluations to determine the contour, shape and health of your cornea.
  2. Retinal scan: To determine your overall eye health.
  3. Custom Wavefront diagnostics: This is advanced technology to obtain a 3-D map of your optical system so the LASIK treatment can be precisely customized.
  4. Pupilometer: To measure your pupil size in varying light levels to help reduce halos and glare in night driving.
  5. Slit lamp exam: Another step to diagnose and monitor your eye health.

The results of these tests will determine whether or not LASIK is right for your eyes – you will find out that same day. At Buckley Chang Eye Institute, our physicians reject 15% of LASIK applicants if we feel LASIK will not produce the 20/20 vision that is desired.

We also offer a free online LASIK Self Evaluation that can serve as a “stepping stone” in the LASIK process. This evaluation is not a guarantee that you will be a good contender for LASIK, but it can be a first step.

Contact Buckley Chang Eye Institute to arrange your free LASIK Consultation today. You have nothing to lose and possibly improved vision to gain!

Schedule a Free LASIK Consultation

Important Note if you wear Contact Lenses:

  • Soft, daily wear contacts must be removed 1 week before the exam
  • Toric, or extended wear contacts must be removed 2 weeks before the exam
  • Rigid gas permeable, or hard contact lenses must be removed 3 weeks before the exam

More appointment times are available by calling directly into our office at 719-444-3000.